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Learning to love ourselves and take ownership of our worth is in the doing. It's about making ourselves a priority. It's changing how we speak to ourselves. It's seeing the greatness and potential inside of ourselves. It's about not being afraid to take up space, be seen, and heard to yourself first, then the world around you. It's you manifesting the life that you deserve and walking into its existence with confidence, self-awareness, and self-assuredness.

Become a community member and receive new monthly content of writing prompts for journaling, affirmations, & meditations, as well as access to a video library of 15 & 30 minute movement based classes at your fingertips. Regarding Self offers four unique and special elements to cultivate a daily practice that embodies your whole self: mental, emotional, spiritual, & physical, as oppose to one or two elements on most virtual health, wellness, & fitness platforms. The best way to start is to begin. Begin to celebrate and honor your whole self while changing your life by subscribing to Regarding Self!

If Regarding Self resonates with you and the $39 monthly subscription price isn't available to you, there are sliding scale rates available to increase inclusion & accessibility by contacting 


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