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About Regarding Self

Regarding Self was created for people on a quest to liberate themselves from societal norms and stereotypes and forge a new life pathway through the healing of their four bodies: emotional, mental, spiritual, & physical. Regarding Self’s ultimate mission is for people to love and care for themselves as if they were speaking to a best friend or loved one.

Regarding Self Creator

Leah Tubbs

Hi! I’m Leah Tubbs. I’m a daughter, sister friend, wife, dancer, fitness professional, health & wellness practitioner, & the creator of Regarding Self. Over the course of ten years working in the health, wellness, & fitness industries, I realized that there was a void in garnering people with the tools to acknowledge their four bodies: mental, emotional, spiritual, & physical. I wanted to share the insights and practices that gave me permission to truly love myself and take ownership of my self-worth. I’m imperfect and flawed because I’m human. I consistently work on myself, how I can be a better person, and how I can better show up for my community. My purpose for creating Regarding Self is two-fold: to empower the overlooked & underrepresented with the skill set to acknowledge their whole self: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, & physically and to foster self-compassion, grace, & patience as they heal, nourish, & nurture from the inside out. Working on ourselves is a lifelong commitment and journey, and my ultimate mission for Regarding Self is for people to love and care for themselves as if they were speaking to a best friend or loved one. 


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