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Acknowledge your whole self!

Regarding Self empowers the overlooked & underrepresented with the tools to celebrate & honor themselves.

This virtual monthly subscription cultivates a daily practice of self-worth & self-love with a different mood each month and weekly themes for writing prompts for journaling, affirmations, & meditations + access to a video library of movement based classes.

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Why is Regarding Self Good For You?

Writing Prompts for Journaling

You can either grab your journal to write or listen to mentally reflect as you’re provided with questions to answer from an honest & authentic place.


Let’s speak out loud or inward what you want to manifest and see it come to pass in your life through words and action.


Pick a comfy position, close your eyes, and just be for five minutes or less while practicing mindfulness (being present in the moment).


The freedom to move is at your fingertips with four different exercise formats to suit your needs: Cardio (high & low impact), Strength, Sculpt, & Mobility.

A Word from Our Community

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